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CNR Herbs – Dr Rajadurai – PEASE DO NOT VISIT HIM

CNR Herbs, Dr Rajadurai, is a FRAUD DOCTOR !!! PLEASE DO NOT VISIT HIM !!! He charges Rs 10,000 everymonth for the medicine, and tells patients not to have any Non-Veg. When people stopped having Non-Veg, automatically the scalling of skin reduces. (Thats the universal truth, as all Psoriasis patients would know. My Mom took More

CNR HERBS – they are not giving bills

The Dr has not prooved the medicine ever. Why they are not giving bills? only to avoid future troubles before the consumer court cases. Better the patients can use ” Nagalinga flower ” to cure this . You can fry the flowers in coconut oil and apply twice in a day and allow it to More

CNR HERBS – Huge Amount Billing

CN Rajadurai gives medicine for psoriasis and collect rupees 500 as consulting fees. CNR herbs is not hospital. The medicines are made by siddhar method of preparation of medicine with herbs and Actual cost of the medicine is low but they charge amount ranging from 6000 to 120000. They never give bills for the medicines More